Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions

Your customers, employees and partners deserve to conduct their business in a clean, hygienic and sanitized environment. Our cleaning and hygiene experts will ensure that your daily requirements are met. Ranging from scheduled or ad hoc Deep Cleaning, weekly disinfecting services, daily cleaning and sanitation.

Besides the obvious and prevailing Health and Safety considerations, insects and rodents can cause costly damage to electronic equipment. Resulting in direct costs from repairs but also indirect costs & losses due to a loss of trading time. Our Pest Control Teams will ensure that your premises are treated for specific insects and rodents to achieve fast, efficient results.

Our sanitation teams provide best of industry hygiene and sanitation services for your washrooms, ranging from servicing soap dispensers, paper and towel dispensers to scheduled disposal of sanitary waste.

We specialise in retail and commercial office spaces, with a core focus on hygiene and sanitation, keeping our clients and customers safe.  Scheduled “On the Job” training with our staff ensures that we continuously improve on our own standards.