The Ultimate Media Management Tool

TV Manager allows you to create, schedule and control your own content effortlessly on any screen.

Plug & Play

Set-top Box – STB – is straightforward to use. All you need is to follow these four simple steps to prepare your STB box and start using it immediately!


Connect STB to electricity


Connect STB via HDMI with TV


Connect STB to the internet


Ready to go – done

Bandwidth & IT Specification

STB’s require basic OTT (over the top) internet, just like Netflix, so there would be no firewall or VPN issues.


SD audio visual channels: 2-3 Mbps


HD audio visual channels: 10 Mbps


Full screen text: very low (i.e. kbps)

Low TV channel video latency (2 seconds from broadcast)


Creating content for the playlists has never been more convenient. Simply add your own media files, promotional material or channel streams to a single playlist. Create direct content for your direct audience!


With TV Manager you are free to customize and schedule all your playlists ahead of time. Select which playlists you want to display and select minutes, hours, days, weeks or months when to display your playlists!


Control the content you show effortlessly. Uploading media is as simple as drag-and-drop to any of your connected STB groups from the side menu. Add, remove, replace or switch around – it’s easy!


TV Manager is regularly improving its features, enhancements and performance.

Dragging & Dropping

Simple & time efficient. All you need is to pick the content from the content section (right side menu, that includes Live Events).

Brand New Dashboard

TV Manager allows you to schedule your playlists.

Electronic Programming Guide is now AVAILABLE!

Via the “Live Events“ tab you will be able to find any Supersport event being provided. By using filters you can easily find all the events.

Text overlay on content and live events.

Whilst streaming your live events promote your brand and products using customized text overlay feature.

Easy Setup

Setting up multiple screens, an audio system, and an internet router can be a bit complicated, but with the right equipment and a few simple steps, you can easily create a powerful and immersive TV Manager experience. Here’s a basic guide to setting up your multiple screens, audio system, and internet router

TV Manager Setup

Simply Create Playlists

One of the main features that TV Manager provides its clients is creating a unique playlist with your own media content. You can easily create multiple playlists & schedule them whenever you want them to be played.

Upload your own content or choose from the already existing media to create your own unique TV program in advance via the “Playlists” tab.

Using drag & drop feature upload and position content the way you want to design your own linear TV channel. Simply decide on:


Which events you want to show


Which channels you want to watch


Which Odds you wish to promote

Unique Template Design

Harness the power of videos & images and make your message memorable. Display interesting & useful content that viewers will instantly love and appreciate. Count on our experts to answer all your questions and guide you through your journey.


Set up your screen in seconds


No technical skills required