A New Era in Security

Our Security Systems never sleep, so that you can!

Providing the best capability and technology in critical areas such as Entrance & Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Remote Monitoring, CCTV and Biometric Systems.


Bespoke integrated security solutions.


Remote and local access control options.


Bespoke single-point solutions both for individual sites as well as multi-jurisdictional sites.

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Electronic Security Systems

Our Fail-Proof Process:

  • First our experts do an accurate site survey and client consultation. They’ll provide you with all the info and details to make an informed decision on the perfect system for your needs.
  • Then we’ll be preparing accurate designs for your specific needs.
  • Our in-house draftsman will plot security components as per the Sales Engineer’s designs.
  • You’ll see a visual presentation of your security plan before we install it.
  • These drawings later assist installation teams to install and commission solutions to best address your specific needs, identified by the Sales Engineer.


We learn from our previous client consultations and installations are completed with great attention to detail. Our Commissioning Engineers can improve and build onto this info to foresee and eliminate any potential stumbling beforehand.

During the site survey and client consultation, our expert will discuss the installation process, project management principles and framework in detail with you.

Providing you with the best capability and technology in critical areas such as Entrance & Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Remote Monitoring, CCTV and Biometric Systems.

Access Control

Video Intercom

Gate Automation

Electric Fencing

Intruder Detection Systems

HD IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Pepper and Smoke Defence Solutions


Our Approach to Security


Our CCTV security systems provide you with many choices, all customised to your specific needs.

  • Choose from our wide variety of CCTV systems, including the popular: Analogue, digital and IP, both hard-wired and wireless.
  • You also have the choice to have your CCTV solutions installed to operate either overtly or covertly.
  • CCTV systems may be either monitored locally by a client’s personnel or configured to allow the images to be viewed, recorded and reviewed remotely through an internet communications link to our National Control Centre using the latest IP technology.


Biometric Systems

Biometrics consists of methods to uniquely recognize humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioural traits. It is used as a form of identity access management and -control. It also identifies individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

Biometric characteristics can be divided into two main classes:

Physiological is related to the shape of the body such as fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, Palm print, hand geometry, and iris recognition, which has largely replaced retina, and odour/scent.

Behavioural is related to the behaviour of a person, such as typing rhythm, gait, and voice.

The first time an individual uses a biometric system is called enrolment. During the enrolment, biometric information from an individual is stored. In subsequent uses, biometric information is detected and compared with the information stored at the time of enrolment.

Integrated Systems

The core of our design philosophy is to meet your present and future needs. With our in-house engineers and IT department, we develop practical solutions to save you time and money while creating greater security protection.

All our systems can either be viewed and controlled locally by an onsite team in a control room or offsite by a remote monitoring station.

Entrance & Access Control

Access control and entryphone systems can be used as a management tool to effectively monitor personnel movement and to generate reports for proof of entry.

We’ll constantly provide you with the most up-to-date technology and meet all the specific requirements of each installation with a wide variety of operating devices.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Stations are as reliable as an on-site Control Room, but with the added benefit of significant cost savings – by removing reliance upon human guarding resources.

Once the incident is fully investigated and resolved, a report is produced for our client without having to disturb a member of their staff after hours.

Access Control Database

Remote Access

These systems are managed and maintained by SW Solutions

  • A WinPak Access Control System is used.
  • The System is linked to our Servers to enable us to provide remote bureau support and diagnostics.
  • Access programming is done via e-mailed instruction, employing a remote ADSL link.
  • A nominal fee is charged for this service.
  • Instructed transactions are logged and we invoice quarterly in arrears.
  • A full user database is maintained and all historic transactions are stored for three months.
  • Transactional reports are available at any time for a nominal fee.


Local Access

These systems are managed by security/on-site staff.

  • Access control software can be utilised on an on-site PC.
  • Access programming is done via Access Control software. A user database and all history transactions are made available.
  • On-site card lamination can be used for ID purposes.
  • Lamination software/hardware can be maintained on-site
  • A remote facility can be installed for guidance and system diagnostics.


Visitor ID

  • The visitor ID Control System uses an on-site PC.
  • Print and lamination software produces visitor passes.
  • This allows for a fire-alarm roll-call to be implemented.
  • This provides management with a visitor tracking report.


Reader Controllers

  • A non-PC-based system can be used.
  • Access programming is done on-site, at a reader controller.
  • These systems do not generate a database or transaction records.
  • Certain systems may be programmed by on-site staff.

Consultancy & Design

We’re regularly requested to provide a design service and also technical specifications for equipment and to then supply that equipment to a variety of projects in many jurisdictions around the globe.

Upon receiving consultancy instruction and a brief from a client, we’ll conduct a site inspection and survey. Armed with this information, a design is prepared and the proposal is discussed with our client. At this stage, we’ll also specify what equipment is needed.

In conjunction with our client, we’ll then make a decision: whether to send our engineers to carry out the installation or to engage the services of a sub-contractor with whom we will then partner in that specific jurisdiction.

Even when the installation is carried out by a partner sub-contractor, SW Solutions will undertake the final set-up and commissioning of the system. That way, we can ensure full compliance with the agreed design proposal.

We also provide a pure consultancy service where we directly oversee and advise on tender proposals for a specific project.

We review the designs and evaluate the bid by tender participants in terms of efficacy, practicality and value for our client’s money. We submit our report for our client’s consideration – before implementation.

We develop practical solutions that result in significant time and cost savings for our clients.