Guarding companies all recruit their guards from the same resource pool.

Key differentiators can be found in the following three aspects:


At SW Solutions we employ industry experts with long previous careers in the Military and Police services to professionally manage our security contracts.

The foundation of all our man-guarding contracts is in-depth site-specific risk assessments of our client’s premises, before commencing our services.

Once done, our management team generates both Sites and Post specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Our management team will continuously measure our performance against the agreed set Standing Operating Procedures for your peace of mind.


Our security operators are equipped with the correct tools and resources for the specific Posting. The initial risk assessments would dictate the equipment and resources required to best mitigate the expected risks.

In most cases, the issued equipment includes two-way radios, flashlights, batons, handheld metal detectors, guard patrol tracking systems and even riot gear, when appropriate.


All our guards are PSIRA registered and appropriately trained to meet and exceed the legal requirements.

Our Supervisors provide continuous refresher training and assessments of Standing Operating Procedures as part of our CPD program. Formal training such as First Aid, Fire Fighting, and Health and Safety training occurs offsite and by certified training providers.


Uniformed guards – we can provide and post uniformed guards in almost all areas of South Africa, including many of the smaller towns and rural areas.

Concierge guards – we provide highly trained and discreet concierge guards, smartly dressed in suits, for high-profile venues and private events.

MIBs – often referred to as MIBs [men in black], these experienced guards are often seen deployed in private and VIP areas.

CPOs – we collaborate with a small number of highly trained and experienced Close Protection Officers who provide discrete close protection to business executives and VIPs.

One of our key competencies is to man your onsite security control room. Operators deployed here to receive training and instruction from our National Control Room Manager.

All Operators and Managers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.