Remote Offsite Monitoring and Response

Our National Control Centre operates 24 hours a day, throughout the year. We’re extremely proud to provide you peace of mind with the best:

  • State-of-the-art Control Room
  • Well-trained Control Room Operators
  • Listener Software receiving alarm signals for quick and accurate response
  • Remote connectivity to onsite CCTV systems providing accurate on-scene information and visual confirmation of incidents and events

Crime statistics

Crime statistics released by the South African Police Service indicate a year-on-year increase in burglaries and armed robberies. Criminals have also proven resourceful in bypassing security measures, leaving you and your business vulnerable to the ever-increasing threat of crime. We’ll continue our research and keep improving your security systems to keep your business safe!

Control Centre

Our 24-hour Control Room is fitted with the latest technology to allow operators to respond to incidents and events, nationwide. Client sites monitored by our Control Room enjoy the benefit of the following functionalities:

Remote CCTV Monitoring (Live and Recorded)

Intruder Alarm Monitoring and Response

Fire Alarm Monitoring and Response

Incident Response

  • Activation of Armed Reaction Units
  • Remote Activation of Electronic Defence Solutions

Incident Investigation and Response

24 Hour Emergency Contact Centre

24 Hour Electronic System Health Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Stations are as reliable as an on-site Control Room, but with the added benefit of significant cost savings – by removing reliance upon human guarding resources and reducing the opportunity for colluding with local criminals.

Our Control Room maintains accurate data relevant to incidents and events at our client sites. This data is continuously analysed to identify trends and modus of operandi of criminals targeting our client sites. Analysis helps greatly to design and modify our security responses in different regions.