Network Operations Centre

SW Network Operations Center (SWNOC)

+27 (0)87 094 0255

We provide a 24/7 call centre service. 365 days a year.


Sign up for SW Solutions SLA

Our SLA’s is the ongoing process of ensuring all provided services and processes including the underlying contracts – are in alignment with the agreed-upon service level targets stipulated by the contract. SW offers 365 days 24/7 service level agreements.

Premium SLA – SD WAN with Premium Connectivity and Broadband Service (99.99% uptime + onsite and remote support)

Standard SLA – SD WAN with Broadband Connectivity and LTE Backup (98.5% Uptime + onsite and remote support)

Lite SLA – SD WAN Single connectivity (Onsite and remote support)

Bespoke SLA – Non-Standard SLA are available

Account Enquiries and Billing

Our Service Management and Account teams can assist any customer’s billing enquiries:

IT Support & Management Services

Our IT technical support team monitor and maintain the IT systems and networks of your organization. As a technical support team, we troubleshoot hardware and software faults, solving them in the fastest and most sufficient way, either remotely or dispatch a qualified technician to the site. With Premium and Standard SLA options service, calls for any faults are included. Mean time to restore (MTTR) options are below:

Premium SLA – 8 hours MTTR

Standard SLA – Next business days MTTR

Lite SLA – Call out Fee Applicable (Two Business Days)

Facilities Management

Our Facility management is responsible for making sure the systems of the facilities department are in a remarkable condition. In addition, our facilities team ensure that your working environment is safe, comfortable, productive and sustainable.

Network Monitoring Services

SW IT monitors every networking component for performance and fault tolerance and is continuously monitored to optimize and maintain their availability. In addition, our network monitoring proactively identifies any bottlenecks of performance issues at the initial stage to minimize downtime. With any of our SLA’s you will have full visibility of your uptime and network performance through our Dashboard. 

Through Typical Performance Indicators you will be able to view uptime, response time and traffic usage.

Asset Management

SW IT asset management gives you the peace of mind that all your assets are linked to your SLA profile with a security objective in mind that caters for a continuous diagnostics and mitigation program. 

– We provide tags, Scanners, Cloud-based Software and onboarding of Any Assets