Fire Detection and Suppression

We subscribe to relevant SANS regulations as far as fire system design, installation and servicing specifications are concerned. Our Fire Teams are registered with SAQCC to design, install and service Fire Detection systems as well as Gas Suppression systems.

We’ll always recommend brands to suit our customer’s specific needs and budgets.

Our designs make use of components such as Optical Smoke, Heat Detectors, Linear Heat Cables, Beam and Aspirating Systems to address specific needs in specific environments. Integrations with third-party services are programmed and commissioned by our certified Commissioners.

We supply, install and maintain:

ZP1 Conventional Fire panel

The ZP1-F2 is a conventional fire alarm control panel. It is supplied in the local language with 2 zones that support up to 32 devices per zone, and up to 2 supervised relay outputs dedicated to sounder control. P1 fire control panels offer state-of-the-art architecture in configurations that deliver an uncomplicated solution for small to mid-sized conventional applications. They feature an attractive contemporary design that fits with any decor. The gently curved door front offers a distinctive flair. Operator controls are inset in a striking blue lexan. With support for multiple lines of conventional detectors and accessories, these quick-to-configure systems offer versatility that benefits building owners and installation/maintenance companies alike.

Aritech Addressable Fire Control Panels

Are versatile addressable fire panel supplied with 2 class-A loops. In addition to a generous backlit LCD display, it provides LEDs for indicating both fire and fault conditions with text descriptions for 16 fire zones on the front panel user interface. The panel may be upgraded with an additional 2 class-A loops, full inter-panel networking facilities on both copper or fibre, as well as with a LON network bus that supports the Aritech LON700 devices and repeaters, amongst others.
The FP1216C provides extensive maintenance features, boasts powerful I/O programming and supports both Aritech 2000 and 900 series protocols.

ZP2 Conventional and Addressable panels

The ZP2 Series life safety control systems are bringing the speed and functionality of high-end intelligent processing to small to mid-sized addressable applications. They feature an attractive contemporary design that fits with any decor. Special plastics allow for painting in any colour. and the easy-to-remove electronics will support this matter. The gently lined door with the intuitive dark inset user interface and EN54 compliant graphical LCD offers a distinctive flair. The main controls are clearly but discreetly highlighted with the focus on the central located Jog Dial. With the addressable detection and a full line of easily configured option cards and modules, USB and Ethernet® connectivity, these quick-to-configure systems offer versatility that benefits building owners and life safety system installers alike.

FireClass Conventional and Addressable panels

The ASD 535 continuously aspirates air through a sampling pipe installed in the monitored rooms or premises and conveys it to the smoke sensor. This sensor, equipped with new HD (High Dynamic) technology, checks the air for smoke particles with an unsurpassed level of precision. If the preset particle threshold is exceeded the detector immediately sends an alarm signal to the fire alarm system. Thanks to this early warning system, an incipient fire is nipped in the bud before it has time to develop any heat.

SW Security Solutions SA provides customised fire detection solutions suited to a wide range of industries from hospitality, mining, manufacturing, warehousing and commercial.

Ziton Wireless Detection

More customers are demanding faster installation and less disruption. Buildings are becoming more complex with a variety of new materials, making standard hard wire installation more complex. Fire systems are invariably one of the last services to be added, with in many instances limited time and infrastructure available. Retrofits can be made much simpler with fast and non-disruptive additions installed wireless. Access problems overcome and Fire compartment issues avoided. With a Ziton Hybrid solution it is easy to meet market demands.


ADW Metal Sensing Tube Detection

The ADW 535 uses a virtually indestructible metal sensing tube for reliable, decades-long detection with no need for replacement. The ADW is totally immune to adverse ambient conditions such as harsh sunlight, electrical interference and lightning. Lightning protection is ensured by earthing the sensing tube. In practice, this results in a virtually unlimited service life. Because the sensing tube on the ADW 535 is made from copper or steel, it is also resistant to damage from rodents and other pests which in other systems lead to error messages, false alarms, and the need for repairs.

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Early warning devices

A fire alarm system has several devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies.

These alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations.

There are several types of fire alarm sounders that can be set to certain frequencies and different tones.

Different ranges of early warning devices all alert duty staff and occupants in the event of a fire and ensure orderly evacuation if needed.

Systems can be linked to evacuation, building management and fire brigade systems.

Our qualified and accredited technicians can install and maintain your fire detection system in accordance with relevant standards.