IT Solutions

We deliver business connectivity and IT solutions best: all the cloud platforms and all the networks, all the time. Ensuring the largest coverage in the country and the most robust and resilient support available.

Managed IT Services

One-touch Provisioning

We manage the delivery and deployment of IT services from the initial order to the activation process. Services cover SDWAN, Voice-over-IP, internet connectivity, cloud, IoT, and IT security.

Service management

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Through our dedicated Service management team, we ensure that the installation, on-boarding, billing, and customer service are all accounted for and run as smoothly and efficiently as possible with SLA.

Network installation, fulfilment and activation

We manage Landlords on your behalf, provide accurate site feasibility reports and ensure the installation is of a world-class standard.

Service assurance & Monitoring

Dedicated support and escalations engineering on a 24/7 basis for all IT services.

Managed Services


In the age of digital transformation and cloud computing, your organisation will grow more dependent on reliable connectivity. As a result, reliable connectivity mitigates unforeseen downtime and productivity loss. SW Solutions partners with leading ISPs in the country, offering cost-effective solutions that will best meet the needs of your organisation through various mediums – fiber, microwave, and cellular. Additionally, the SW connectivity solution provides guaranteed uptime, Quality over Service, redundancy, and detailed reporting.

IoT Icon

IoT Solutions

We specialise in scouting, screening, sourcing, testing and integrating the hardware portion of your IoT project.​

SW IoT Solutions has access to over 5000 different products, which enables us to find the perfect solution that suits your budget and technical requirements.

SW IoT services predominantly the solutions integration channel and the end user, and as such we have we only use the best IoT platforms providers in the world. 

Icon Monitoring


With ICT making up as a vital part of the operations, companies must preemptively know what is happening in their organisation’s network and the performance of each component found in the environment. SW Solutions provides a monitoring platform that provides you with a blueprint of your ecosystem, giving you a bird’s eye view of your ecosystem. SW Solutions monitoring tool offers alerts for any problem detected before the issue negatively impacts business operations. Additionally, details reports are generated that are easy to understand and translate, providing you with insight and knowledge of network performance that can assist with informed decision making.


Software-Defined Wide Area Network

SW SD-WAN connect is a software-defined networking solution that moves network traffic management away from on-premise hardware to next-generation software in the cloud.
SD-WAN connectivity solutions come with flexible connectivity options including cellular, VSAT, microware and fiber as an underlay. SW SD-WAN uses path selection, WAN aggregation, near real-time performance monitoring, and dynamic routing to improve network performance to thousands of devices spread across hundreds of business locations.

Icon LAN

Local Area Networking

LAN management has always been the least favoured part of the IT infrastructure and plays a crucial role in any organisation’s operations. With the many different components involved with your LAN, SW Solutions offer products that save you from wading through all the challenges faced with options offered from switching, VLAN management, LAN design and enterprise WIFI implementation. Ensuring your LAN performs functionally and optimally.

Icon Payment

Payment Services

SW Solution’s payment service allows you more control over your business transaction with options provided with our credit card and POS machines for all types and sizes of businesses. This cashless transaction approach provides an easier way to run your business by effectively serving your customer and business needs through our machines’ features and functions.

Voip Icon

Voice over IP

SW Solution offers a flexible voice plan through our various hosted and on-premises PABX platforms. With our competitive call rates, you will be able to merge the communication platforms that will provide you with a superior voice solution. Thus, enabling your business to maintain contact with your colleagues and customers wherever they are in the world.


Icon Cloud`

Cloud Services

With recent events, external factors have proven that cloud services have become a necessity for any business operation/function. SW Cloud solutions bring the cloud to you, enabling the organisation to take advantage of its many benefits, such as enhancing company productivity, data integrity, and business continuity which are all bundled with a variety of on-demand services to better suit your company’s solution.

Icon EDP

Endpoint Protection

With organisations continuously evolving and growing, they have become more vulnerable to different threats and risks that can negatively impact the company. As a result, organisations have become aware of the need to implement controls to counter cybercrimes.
As a provider, SW Solutions provides a suitable strategy that will keep your company and data safe from unwanted risks through various practices, tools and countermeasures that are constantly evolving, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends that make your company vulnerable. Thus, providing you with the assurance that you are safe with SW Solutions.

SW Security Solutions SA provides customised IT solutions suited to a wide range of industries from hospitality, mining, industry, manufacturing, Betting and commercial.